TAG aims to be a one stop professional services firm giving our clients the benefit of a range of interconnected services. Whilst auditing forms the foundation of our business we constantly evaluate client needs. The nature and range of our services and the manner in which we provide them are determined by the specific needs of our clients.

In any transaction we not only provide the service, we consider ourselves part of the team whilst still remaining an independent party. We make a point of getting to know our client’s business and thus establishing the foundation for a long term professional relationship.

External Audit

Our audit professionals endeavour to gain an in depth understanding of our clients businesses and the industry, focusing on the particular risks associated with the business and its internal controls. This enables us to perform the external audit in a focused, efficient manner. We aim to add value to our clients business by not only reporting on historical data but also by identifying areas for improvement within our clients’ businesses.

Our audit methodology is grounded in International Standards on Auditing (ISA) adhering to International Standards on Quality Control (ISQC). We utilize the CaseWare Probe software which we customise to the unique business environment of our individual clients.

As independent auditors we subscribe to the professional requirements as set out in the IFAC Code of Ethics keeping cognisance of our duty as professionals to be and appear independent, act in a professional manner and be technically competent for the audits taken on.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit function provides additional assurance on the internal control environment. Our systematic and interactive approach is designed to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating the reliability of reporting systems
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of established operational and control systems
  • Evaluating compliance to applicable laws and regulations
  • Identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement on the above
Our unique skill sets and qualifications are combined to deliver a unique outsourced internal audit function customised for client requirements.


Our tax division encompasses the full scope of Corporate and Private Tax services. With a dedicated team led by a Chartered Accountant with a Masters Degree in Tax, clients are assured of tax advice of a high standard.

Taxation services comprise:

  • Submission of tax returns (provisional, annual and distribution) to the South African Revenue Services(SARS)
  • Reviewing tax assessments for accuracy
  • Submitting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) objections on behalf of clients
  • Registering entities as Non Profit Organizations (NPO) and obtaining tax exemption status
  • Tax planning
  • Tax research


A proper accounting system and record keeping forms the basis of any business and can be the difference between success and failure. We recognize that owners of SME’s are primarily focused on growing their businesses and do not have the time or resources to ensure that accounting records are adequately maintained.

TAG has a team of bookkeepers ready to assist clients with maintaining of accounting records, be it at the client’s premises, in an advisory capacity or on TAG’s in house accounting system. Reporting is done to the client’s requirements.

Payroll Administration

The ever increasing demands with regards to Payroll Administration makes it difficult and costly for Employers to ensure 100% compliance. TAG offers clients the services of an outsourced payroll bureau. Our payroll services are tailored to the client’s needs and range from basic processing of payroll records to a fully outsourced payroll.

Company Secretarial Administration

Company secretarial compliance is one of the cornerstones of a sound business. However, since this function is usually seen as part of administration, it is often neglected. TAG supports a full complement of secretarial and related services. This allows the business owners the freedom to make business decisions as and when they arise, while TAG ensures timeous compliance.

Our secretarial department can assist clients with:

  • Registrations of new entities with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
  • Lodging of compulsory Annual Return of Information to CIPC
  • Changes to existing entities such as:
    • Name changes
    • Change of year end
    • Appointments and resignations of directors
    • Share transfers, allotments, buy backs and conversions
    • Company conversions
  • Safekeeping of company registration documents
  • Maintain and manage electronic statutory register


The company delivers its services to a wide variety of clients, from individuals and small and medium enterprises, to listed companies in wide spectrum of different industries.

The Industries Include:

  • Property development
  • Commercial property investment
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional services
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Information Technology


  • JSE registered auditors 2009 (listed clients)
  • Successful IRBA firm review 2011
  • ISQC 1 compliant
  • Accredited Registered Training Office NQF level 7 for 25 trainees
  • B-BBEE rating: Level 5 contributor